Biofast FNB Liquid

  • Hydrolyses the cellulose on the surface of the fabric
  • Imparts soft feel to the garment
  • Its high crystalline type activity cuts good amount of cotton fuzz giving good luster and clean surface to the fabric
  • Improves drapability of the garments
  • Operates at 55-60 C temperature ï‚· and pH 6.5-7.0
  • Ecofriendly operation
BIOFAST FNB LIQUID is used for bio-polishing or depilling of ellulosics which improve the fabric quality, often done after heavy processing where pills are raised. Cellulase enzymes
weaken the fibres protruding from the surface by degradation, preferably of the amorphous structure of the fibre. The enzymeweakened fibres are sensitive to shear forces and upon
application of sufficient shear the fibre will break from the surface. This results in improved pilling resistance; brighter colours; cleaner surface; improved drapeability and increased softness; reduction in the amount of dead and immature cotton.

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