Greenpol ZBS-N Powder

  • Has high dispersing effect
  • Prevents re-deposition of Indigo in denim processing
  • Produces the best salt pepper effect when combined with cellulase enzymes in Denim fading.
  • Effective washing off agent to remove back stain from processed denim
In garment processing especially in denim washing redeposition of the removed indigo dye by washing on the reverse side of denim is commonly known as backstaining. Backstaining results when cellulase proteins interact with indigo, reducing indigo particle size and acting as carriers of fine indigo particles already dispersed in the bulk solution to the cotton fabric. Greenpol ZBS-N Powder due to its excellent dispersion and antiredeposition property reduces back staining, which gives more even effect on the surface of the fabric producing a rich and more pleasing look.

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