Neutrox Cool Powder

  • True neutral cellulase enzyme designed for wash-down effect on garments
  • Neutral biopolish so shade change and colour loss will be less
  • Brighter shades due to combination with surface active agents for better dispersion and cleaning of fabric surface
  • For the first time a biopolishing in powder form to be used at room temperature
  • Operates at 30- 20° C temperature and pH range of 6.0 – 8.0, peak activity at 30°C and 6.5pH
  • Easy to handle
  • Saves energy
  • Lower dusting
  • The enzyme bath water is harmless to operators and noncorrosive to equipment
  • Recommended mainly for higher end garment finish
  • Ecofriendly operation
Due to the ring dyeing of warp yarn of denim a faded fashionable look is obtained. These types of wash down effects are created due to the removal of dyes by abrasion on the garments. Wash down effect are achieved due to bio abrasion where the enzymes act on cellulose and by hydrolyzing it gives the desired look.
Neutrox COOL Powder attacks the amorphous regions producing better cutting, good puckering effects and being true neutral engineered enzyme it works at low temperature gives less back staining compared acid cellulases and conserves energy. Neutrox COOL Powder is used for bio-polishing or depilling of cellulosics which improve the fabric quality, often done after heavy processing where pills are raised. Cellulase enzymes weaken the fibres protruding from the surface by degradation, preferably of the amorphous structure of the fibre. The enzyme-weakened fibres are sensitive to shear forces and upon application of sufficient shear the fibre will break from the surface. This results in improved

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