Rexsize LM 65 Liquid

  • Biodegrades the starch sizes very effectively
  • Operates in the temperature range of 60–75° C and at neutral pH
  • Broad temperature sensitive amylase blend, Maintains the desizing efficiency even at lower temperatures
  • Operates by exhaust, semi continuous and steaming method
  • Eco-friendly operation and non-corrosive to the equipment
Starch consists of two different polysaccharides (amylose and amylopectin) and is insoluble is water hence, it must be decomposed into fragments which dissolve more easily. The mechanism of enzymatic desizing is as follows:
Wetting, pH buffering, anti catalytic action Swelling, penetration, cracking and de-stabilization of size layers Gelatinization
Enzyme attack: (The) Enzyme takes The role of molecular scissors. Wash off, dispersion of The degradation products Rexsize LM 65 Liquid degrades starch into smaller soluble fragments called disaccharides (maltose) by hydrolysis and hence can be easily removed from the fabric. Effect of application parameters on activity of Rexsize LM 65 Liquid

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