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Certifications are awarded by a third-party, standard-setting eurekachemindia organization when a Product passes an assessment process indicating mastery of a defensible set of standards. The standards are developed through a comprehensive items analysis resulting in an outline of the required knowledge and skills for a particular Product. Certifications are not associated in any way with higher education or degrees and typically require some level of professional experience before beginning the process.


Licenses are similar to certifications, as they indicate competency of a set of standards and must be renewed with continuing education. However, unlike certifications, licenses are typically awarded by the federal, state or local government, and they are mandatory for professional practice in their jurisdiction. Licenses are often required for health, public education, legal and financial careers.

Eureka Chem India Green Screen
Eureka Chem India Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals
Eureka Chem India Global organic textile standard
Eureka Chem India Vegan
Eureka Chem India ISO certificate