What chemicals are mainly used in textile industries?

chemicals used in textile industries

What chemicals are mainly used in textile industries?

There are many chemicals used in the textile industry, such as fixing agents, scouring agents, wetting agents, washing agents, leveling agents, softening agents, oil stain removers. , animated silicone fluids, sequestering agents, wax cleaners, silicone strippers. agent, thickening agent, oligomer inhibitor, anti-slip agent, anti-precipitation agent, silicone resin-emulsion, polyethylene wax emulsion, anti-static agent, anti-yellowing agent, anti-pilling agent, biological polishing enzymes, expanding, hydrophilic finishing agent, wire lubricant, emulsified wax, water wetting agent, bulking agent, brightening agent, weighting agent, discharging agent, optical whitening, peroxide stabilizer, brewing agent, defoamer, fiber protection agent, acid donor, etc.

Uses of chemicals in Textile industries

Chemicals for colour and shape

Different textile chemicals have different properties & specifications and the origin of the fiber has a significant influence on the chemicals used. Substances intended to increase absorption capacity and reduce shrinkage, for example, are used in the manufacture of cotton fabrics. In order to make the textile fabric white we need to use bleaches and optical brighteners. A number of different dyes and dyeing methods are used to achieve the desired color and colorfastness, and chemicals are added to make the dyeing process work. Plastic and rubber coverings are sometimes used to create patterns, make the fabric waterproof, or achieve other effects. These materials may contain plasticizers such as phthalates, which are hazardous to health.

Many chemicals used in the manufacturing process are rinsed off using detergents and water. Some substances are broken down or treated in wastewater treatment, while others reach waterways. Sometimes residual levels of manufacturing chemicals can remain in finished products.

Functions are fulfilled and needs are met using chemicals

Textiles come in many different forms and perform many different functions. Chemicals, for example, are used to make the fabric stiff, soft, or shiny. They can also be used to remove fabric that does not shrink, wrinkle, soften, or cause static electricity. In some cases, the purpose for which they are used is to set off a fire, in others to restore oil, water, or dirt.

Chemicals can also be added so that the colors are not faded by sunlight, to provide a unique scent, or to highlight the luminous properties of the fabric. They are sometimes used to prevent the microbial attack. The substances are added so that the textiles can withstand transport in humid conditions without being mounded. Anti-mold agents can be present in the fabric or provide the packaging for them in separate bags.

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